The Saahas Community Space is a brave and safe space that helps you with resources to help cope with the stress, anxiety, PTSD, fear, discomfort, anger, and a range of feelings that come up after experiencing gender-based violence of any kind. We welcome you to treat this space as a sandbox where you can rely on tools that can help you in the here and the now, to tide over episodes of feelings and discomfort. Please know that this is not a substitute for wholesome and professional support..
If you're feeling overwhelmed or just want some time away from your thoughts, you can try doing nothing for two minutes, or use a mouse pointer and a bunch of colours to create art, surround yourself with sounds that make you feel safe here or here, or go make some music on your own, or draw and make music together at once.

Take deep breaths with the help of these beautiful GIFs right here, here, here, or here.

Find someone to talk to here or here.